Ritual Skin Labs

brochure_rsl_IN Brochure Design Ritual Skin Labs

Client: Ritual Skin Labs
Location: Colorado (HQ)
Industry: Cosmeceuticals
Project: Brochure
Description: Redesign color brochure with unique size. Tri-fold, mailed out.
Results: “… you fulfilled every dream I had for this piece. I am overly satisfied from start to finish!” — Client

CHA Youth Association

brochure_TeamCHA_In Brochure Design TeamCHA Youth Association Newsletter

Client: Certified Horsemanship Assn. –
Youth Membership
Location: Kentucky (HQ)
Industry: Youth Membership of CHA
Project: Youth Newsletter, TeamCHA
Description: Redesign Youth Newsletter, teamCHA and new Youth programs identity. Tri-fold, mailed out.
Results: “This is one thousand times better than I could have imagined–I love it!”


Brochure Design CAI Association Management

Client: CAI
Location: Colorado (HQ)
Industry: Homeowners’ Association
Project: Conference brochure for Attendees
Description: Designed new look and feel for conference theme

SABI Mobile

Brochure Design SABI Mobile

Client: Serveon – SABI Mobile
Location: Illinois (HQ)
Industry: Data Management
Project: Product Brochure Series
Description: Created new product brochures, postcards

Arabian Horse Association – Self Promotion

brochure_guess Brochure Design Arabian Horse Association

Client: Arabian Horse Association
Location: Aurora, CO
Industry: Equine Industry
Project: Self-Promo Programs Brochure Series
Description: Revamped brochure family to accommodate reduced expense budgets.
Results: “Printing the brochures in house as well with the new complimentary family design, saved us over $10,000 the first year alone! Thanks!”
— Management