Beaudette Consulting Engineers Website


Client: Beaudette Consulting Engineers (BCE)

Industry: Consulting Structural Engineers

Location: Missoula, MT

Project: Website Redesign (3 full redesigns)


Previous Website Designs:

Asbury Elementary School Newsletter Design

Client: Asbury Elementary School

Industry: Public School

Location: Denver, Colorado

Project: School & PTSO Newsletter
& Template Design, English & Spanish Versions, Quarterly Issues

What the Internet Really Looks Like

The information age is powered by thin fiber-optic cables buried in the sea bed, spreading between continents to connect the most remote corners of the planet. These great arteries account for practically all of our international web traffic, and each one has been logged by Washington research firm Telegeography in its interactive Submarine Cable Map 2014. The company’s research director Alan Mauldin told CNN about the world’s underwater networks. Click through the gallery to find out more. – Interview by Kieron Monks

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Content Management Software (CMS)

Why Use our Preferred CMS?

  • Save Money – No longer do you need to send the most basic text changes to your designer / webmaster / programmer
  • Have Access – Make changes or add content from any computer in the world with Internet access and a browser
  • Quickly Communicate – Since you don’t have to wait a few days for your designer to make those basic changes, the content on …
  • Look Consistent – Template-formatted pages
  • Have Better Time Management – Add content and then schedule those posts to publish on your site on whatever day and time you want
  • Be Social Networking Friendly – Automatically integrate your content with social media
  • Engage with Media – Easily add audio and video to post pages
  • Get Ultimate SEO Friendliness – The construction of code is consistent and streamlined without excessive HTML code, plus, every page or post you make gives you the highest possible probability of getting your pages in high search results positions
  • Be a Search Engine Magnet – Posting content more often will attract Google robots and other search engines
  • Have Growth Potential – Adding pages and posts, the software archives your content in chronological order, and offers a search function
  • Easy to Learn – Learning to edit content, post new pages, add photos and images
  • Improve Security – If you have the right people involved in the setup of your CMS installation, your site can be more secure than a traditional website
  • Inspire Repeat Visitors – RSS feeds (Real Simple Syndication), along with automated notices by email that new posts have been made
  • Two-Way Communication with Visitors – Through the use of comments, you are no longer restricted to one-way “outbound” communication with visitors like you would be with a traditional website
  • Increase Your Perceived Industry Authority – Making frequent posts and sharing your opinion on what’s happening in your industry offers so much more potential for establishing rapport with your audience than a traditional website could offer

Compare CMS’s Chart:

:: Click here to download chart: Why WordPress is better! WordPress vs. other CMS

Why WordPress is better! WordPress vs. other CMS

Photo Resources & Tools

FREE High-Resolution Stock Photo Websites

Do what you’d like to the images that you download from these sites – copy, modify, distribute, use for commercial without need to credit or ask permission – under creative commons zero

FREE Online Editor for Images, Photos, Collage Maker, & Designers

FREE Online Web Color Picker

FREE Video & Footage & Time Lapse Animation Downloads (like, for backgrounds)