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Need a website to promote your business online? offers a full-range of website set up, design and online marketing services, but you are now able to EASILY buy your own domain name, buy your own hosting, install do-it-yourself software into your hosting plan that lets YOU manage your website content, invite subscribers, and even share content to your social networks–all of which you can configure with just a few clicks, and in less than a couple hours of your time!

A domain name is a website address (like Sometimes it’s hard to find a domain name that’s available for you to buy. If you need help thinking of domain names that correspond to your business name, please feel free to contact us for help! Domain names renew annually, or you can buy a domain name for multiple years–like 3, or 5 or 10. If you know that your business and domain name will be used for more than 3 years, it is recommended to buy the domain name for either 5 or 10 years. Doing this also gives you extra credit on the internet, helping your website move up the search engines. When you first buy a domain name and hosting plan through, you will get a discount on your domain name. Annual renewal rates apply for subsequent renewal years.

A website hosting plan is required to display your website on the internet. If you just buy a domain name, and don’t buy hosting, then when people go to your website address, they’ll just see a blank page, or a page with ads–instead of your content. It’s like if you bought a phone number, but never got an actual phone to answer the calls. A website hosting plan through offers many services and features, including: email accounts using your domain name, ftp for uploading web design files, 99.9% uptime server stability, etc. You can click here to find out more about the various website hosting services and features. Most small and startup businesses really only need the very basic website hosting plan, called Economy business hosting, through All of our hosting plans are the MOST economical, easy to manage, and offer the MOST complimentary additional marketing services available! Hosting can be purchased monthly (with an initial 3-month pre-purchase) or annually, with a significant discount (basically, you get 2 months free, when you pre-pay annually). There are NO contracts, no termination fees, and you can cancel at any time, and typically get a pro-rated refund for unused time.

This special new quick link for hosting includes automatic installation of content management software that you can then easily set up your website and go live, as soon as the software installs, and as soon as you add content. You can choose from hundreds of website design templates, you can add content, images and pages easily (there’s lots of help links from within the admin control panel), and you can install a widget sidebar and add plugins easily from within the application. offers custom template updates, featured plugin installation, and configurations to automatically market your website to the internet and post content to your social networks. Contact us for a custom quote.

Through, you can contact website tech support any time, any day, at no additional charge. Once you have purchased a domain name, hosting plan and have installed the content management software, you can call or email them for support. If you need help to customize your template, install plugins to perform certain services–you would contact SOL Design, Inc. for Website & Graphic Design + Sales & Marketing Services, including: custom website design, internet marketing, business reputation management, social networking, desktop support and training, corporate identity and graphic design.
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